Customer Testimonials

   “I really took a chance , ordering flowers, to be delivered, from someone whom I had never met. I normally use a flower shop in Seal Beach, and have always been very happy wth the service, (and my Mother always loves her flowers). I ran into Sara at the grocery store. I heard her saying the she had a local flower business, that was fairly new. I decided to try it for a couple reasons. First off was because I loved how excited she was talking about the flowers. Next, she said she could deliver the same amount of flowers for less money!  If I can save a buck, I am willing to go out of my comfort zone. The flowers were far more beautiful (In the picture Ma sent me), than any of the years before, and the best thing about this girl, she made it real easy for me. I told her what I wanted and she made it happen. Im not too good with words, and. it takes a lot for me to give any praise to anyone for anything, so there it is. This girl is special.,”

Vincent Martelli, Sunset Beach Ca. , Retired


November 10, 2019

—-Short Mission Statement—

You are going to love My Fresh Flowers Delivery because I understand why flower customers have been cautious about ordering in the past from the big companies. With My Fresh Flowers Delivery, you will get a superior product, made with passion, at a great price, that is delivered exactly where and when you want it. We will share the passion!