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Notes from the “Petal Pusher”


Today is Friday July 7, 2017 and is Live!

It is very exciting and scary and….exciting. I need you to know it is not perfect, we are

Constantly improving and upgrading and taking suggestions to heart.

Everything flowery is worth it!

   “Earth Laughs in Flowers”, the quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson, seems fitting.

He speaks about the proud Earth, and I will say I am proud to be bringing you flowers.

   I have always known how much impact flowers have on the world. They grow from the dirt and the sun and the water, and one of the main purposes of a flower is to make the earth beautiful. I

Hope you love flowers as much as I do, and I will guarantee the quality of my service.

   P.S.   There is always time for the things in your life that matter, stay true to what you believe to be right, for you. Try not to be influenced by the outside world. And don’t ever forget to take the time to smell the flowers.