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Flower time update!!

The temperature has remained pretty constant, and we can safely say the hottest days of 2018 are behind us. When the weather becomes cool it is fun to bundle up with a comfy blanket and enjoy time with friends and loved ones. If you cant be with people you love, it is a great idea to send something they will enjoy, Like flowers!! Chrysanthemums are very appropriately the birth flower of the month as they often bloom as late as November. Gerbera daisies, Asiatic Lilies, Dahlias, Astromerias and more will play the starring role with aall the Autumn and Fall arrangements. A few of my favorite colors,  appropriate for the season, that I personally love are the rich reds, the fiery orange and the tan and light brown accents, picture a rustic theme and overtones of the classics like roses and more…

Email me with any questions or ideas about anything flowery..


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